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Radio, politics, wildlife and human life are amongst my interests...
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In suitably demotic mode at the Broadcast Education Association convention, Las Vegas, April 2007

Welcome to my new-ish site (June 2007). Refugees from the currently defunct richardrudin.com are especially welcome! I've been rather seduced by my Facebook site since last summer and have been adding photo's and stuff to that - which is somewhat more straightforward and more enjoyable than adding to this all the time! So, check on that. Plus, my Podcast site and my blog . I've found these sites more user-friendly than a 'home page' (sooo 20th century!) so, "when you've less time", I ask you to click on these for more of my latest thoughts, doings, rants and obsessions!

As with most people, I am 'time poor' so please forgive the spasmodic updates!

I am incoming Chair of the International Division of the Broadcast Education Association. For the latest on this excellent organisation and much more go to beaweb.org